A Chronicle of Revenge: forthcoming in print 31.10.2020 from ALIENIST. Read an excerpt from Vampyr at Burning House Press, SELFFUCK magazine & The Collidecope. Full PDF available here.

“This is how the Cathedral actually ends > w/ an incendiary mob=party > replicator groupings from the Dawn of Life lip=syncing the Annihilator Code word=for=word in DNA mob=frenzy > nightslayer chaosmonauts > agents of White Supremacist Cisheteropatriarchy in headstomp
balletboots. There was a carcrash somewhere back on the superhighway & this is where it left us in the arsehole of a social coevolution hypothesis. Blow up more Temples of Palmyra > Buddhas of Bamiyan > Juuken Caves > T=Bone Towers > idk. History’s stuck on the comedy channel. Nothing becomes the World like the leaving of it. Redundancy being the compass of our time. Police the narrative till it burns. > You want a Caesar? This is how you get a Caesar! > When I burn, I’ll burn alone.”*

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