Malice in Underland

The suggestion, the promise of a narrative seems implicit in Armand’s work. …As though each piece were a test of memory, a referential work out, a game. This is played out, played at, most obviously in the use of … found images, the dismembered signifiers of the everyday. Uncannily familiar faces with blacked out eyes reminiscent of crime scene news reels… (Nicole Tomlinson)

Malice in Underland by Louis Armand
ISBN 0-9578114-7-0 (poetry). 96pp.
Published: 2003
Publisher: Textbase, Melbourne

Paperback / PDF

Armand is very much interested in the contemporary, and in this book he presents his reader with a bruising entourage of scenes, images and juxtapositions wrenched from combinations of everyday urban life and ideas (Michael Aikin, Cordite)