A House for Hanna Darboven (Libretto, 2021) (PDF)

Glitchhead (Miskatonic Virtual University Press, 2021) (PDF)

Descartes’ Dog (chapbook, 2021) (PDF)

Hotel Palenque (Minor Literatures, 2021)

Vampyr (Alienist, 2020) (PDF)

The Garden (Director’s Cut) (Minneapolis: 11:11 Press, 2020)

Gagarin (Always Crashing 3, 2020)

GlassHouse (London: Equus, 2018)

The Combinations (London: Equus, 2016)

Abacus (Sydney: Vagabond Press, 2015) (PDF)

Cairo (London: Equus, 2014)

Snídaně o půlnoci (trans. David Vichnar; Prague: Argo, 2013)

Canicule (London: Equus, 2013)

Breakfast at Midnight (London: Equus, 2012)

Clair Obscur (London: Equus, 2011)


Monument (with John Kinsella; London: Hesterglock Press, 2020) (PDF)

East Broadway Rundown (Prague: Vlak Records, 2015) (PDF)

Rube Goldberg Variations (Prague: Vlak Records, 2015)

Indirect Objects (Sydney: Vagabond, 2014) (PDF)

Synopticon (with John Kinsella) (Prague: Litteraria, 2012)

Letters from Ausland (Sydney: Vagabond, 2011)

Picture Primitive (New York: Antigen, 2006) (PDF)

Malice in Underland (Melbourne: Textbase, 2003) (PDF)

Strange Attractors (Cambridge: Salt, 2003) (PDF)

Land Partition (Melbourne: Textbase, 2001) (PDF)

Inexorable Weather (Todmorden: Arc, 2001)

Erosions (Sydney: Vagabond, 1999)

Seances (Prague: Twisted Spoon Press, 1998)


Videology (Prague: Charles University, 2015)

Helixtrolysis / Cyberology & the Joycean “Tyrondynamon Machine” (Prague: LPB, 2014) (PDF)

The Organ-Grinder’s Monkey (Prague: Charles University, 2013) (PDF)

Event States (Prague: Litteraria, 2007) (PDF)

Literate Technologies (Prague: Litteraria, 2006) (PDF)

Solicitations: Essays on Criticism & Culture (Prague, Litteraria, 2005; 2008)

Incendiary Devices (Prague: Karolinum, 2006 [1993]) (PDF)

Techne (Prague: Karolinum, 2003; 2007 [1997]) (PDF)


City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague (with Robert Carrithers) (Washington, Anti-Oedipus, 2017)

Pornotopias (ed. with Jane Lewty & Andrew Mitchell) (Prague: Litteraria, 2008) (PDF)

Contemporary Poetics (ed.) (Evanston: Northwestern UP, 2007)

Avant-Post (ed.) (Prague: Litteraria, 2006) (PDF)


The Return of Kral Majales (Prague: Litteraria, 2010)


N.O. le détournement, by Véronique Vassiliou (Berlin: Vlak Itineraries) (PDF)

A Small Poetics of Insurrection, by Peter Bouscheljong (with David Vichnar, Tim König; Alienist, 2021) (PDF)

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