Vampyr (Alienist, 2020) (PDF)

The Garden (Director’s Cut) (Minneapolis: 11:11 Press, 2020)

Gagarin (Always Crashing 3, 2020)

GlassHouse (London: Equus, 2018)

The Combinations (London: Equus, 2016)

Abacus (Sydney: Vagabond Press, 2015) (PDF)

Cairo (London: Equus, 2014)

Snídaně o půlnoci (trans. David Vichnar; Prague: Argo, 2013)

Canicule (London: Equus, 2013)

Breakfast at Midnight (London: Equus, 2012)

Clair Obscur (London: Equus, 2011)


Monument (with John Kinsella; London: Hesterglock Press, 2020) (PDF)

East Broadway Rundown (Prague: Vlak Records, 2015) (PDF)

Rube Goldberg Variations (Prague: Vlak Records, 2015)

Indirect Objects (Sydney: Vagabond, 2014)

Synopticon (with John Kinsella) (Prague: Litteraria, 2012)

Letters from Ausland (Sydney: Vagabond, 2011)

Picture Primitive (New York: Antigen, 2006) (PDF)

Malice in Underland (Melbourne: Textbase, 2003)

Strange Attractors (Cambridge: Salt, 2003)

Land Partition (Melbourne: Textbase, 2001) (PDF)

Inexorable Weather (Todmorden: Arc, 2001)

Erosions (Sydney: Vagabond, 1999)

Seances (Prague: Twisted Spoon Press, 1998)


Videology (Prague: Charles University, 2015)

Helixtrolysis / Cyberology & the Joycean “Tyrondynamon Machine” (Prague: LPB, 2014) (PDF)

The Organ-Grinder’s Monkey (Prague: Charles University, 2013) (PDF)

Event States (Prague: Litteraria, 2007) (PDF)

Literate Technologies (Prague: Litteraria, 2006) (PDF)

Solicitations: Essays on Criticism & Culture (Prague, Litteraria, 2005; 2008)

Incendiary Devices (Prague: Karolinum, 2006 [1993]) (PDF)

Techne (Prague: Karolinum, 2003; 2007 [1997]) (PDF)


City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague (with Robert Carrithers) (Washington, Anti-Oedipus, 2017)

Pornotopias (ed. with Jane Lewty & Andrew Mitchell) (Prague: Litteraria, 2008) (PDF)

Contemporary Poetics (ed.) (Evanston: Northwestern UP, 2007)

Avant-Post (ed.) (Prague: Litteraria, 2006) (PDF)


The Return of Kral Majales (Prague: Litteraria, 2010)


N.O. le détournement, by Véronique Vassiliou (Berlin: Vlak Itineraries)

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