Land Partition

Louis Armand_Land Partition coverby Louis Armand
ISBN 0-9578114-2-X (poetry). 96pp.
Published: 2001
Publisher: Textbase, Melbourne

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“Armand’s ideal poet controls not primarily with language’s rhythmic music, but with how words collide and warp upon themselves …”
–Ethan Paquin, The Boston Review“The language of ‘internally fissured realities’ … is dense, sound-driven, and erudite. The territory being mined is somewhere between language and geography, but there is a stubborn (and tenaciously coherent) essay on the modern here, particularly modern art. The equally tenacious reader will be rewarded by a sober sensibility.”
–Andrei Codrescu, Exquisite Corpse“Truly remarkable poems … Land Partition is a book for these and any other times, a monograph in a way for those incapable of speaking to be heard and felt.”
–Chris Mansel, The Muse Apprentice Guild