Strange Attractors

“Louis Armand seeks to create a different kind of poetry. A voice that is both immediate and reflective, vital and residual. His is a poetry of extraction and distillation that merges myth and presence, that is elegiac and celebratory, ironic and sincere.” (John Kinsella)

Strange Attractors requires a diligent reader, keenly attuned to the demands of Armand’ s poetics. This book asks to be read as text-under-interrogation. It has the affront of an innovative poetics — hard to pin to categories. Avant-garde in a most literal sense, it will be best appreciated by readers prepared to abandon the baggage of identity-driven poetry and systematically naturalist prose. Readers must be prepared for the loss of stable subjects and well behaved contexts; the erudition of a linguist who ushers the languages of science in to poetry; and a manipulation of form which reveals titles as poems, as well as macro poems that stretch across pages and are knitted together in symbolic, translucent webs.” (Bridie McCarthy, Jacket2)

ISBN 9781876857592
132pp 2003

Paperback / PDF

“Armand pursues the complex challenges language poses and his own language is luminous and original, both in structure and in poetic form.” (John Millett)

“Armand’s ideal poet controls not primarily with language’s rhythmic music, but with how words collide and warp upon themselves…” (Ethan Paquin)