Unamerican Fictions: All that’s Solid melts into Weird // “It is the month of June 1953. A new administration has just taken office, headed by former General Dwight E. Eisenhower and his second-in-command, ex-Congressman Richard M. Nixon. They have inherited a country, and a world, fraught with danger and menace, a world in which Uncle Sam’s dream of the American century seems to have gone sour.”

Pornentropia: David Lynch / Marc Atkins / Christian Louboutin // “Film,” David Lynch says, “is really like voyeurism. You sit there in the safety of the theatre, and seeing is such a powerful thing…”

In Suspense of the Real: Cronenberg | Gilliam | Lynch // In his “Dialectics of the Fable” (2000), Alain Badiou discusses a series of films, Cube (1997), The Matrix (1999) and David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ (1999), as philosophical machines.

Film Noir & the Fatality of Genre // “Dietrich was the femme fatale. Hitler was an homme fatal. If there was a femme fatale there was also the German people who had the same fatality…”

Subversive Cinema: From Waters to Carax // Nur die perverse Phantasie kann uns noch retten… (Only the perverse imagination can save us) – “Goethe” / Hellmuth Costard, Besonders wertvoll (1968)

Die Young Leave a Beautiful Corpse (c): Jean-Michel Basquiat & the Art of (Dis)empowerment // when jean-michel basquiat died in 1988 at the age of twenty-seven he had only been painting professionally for seven years, yet the body of work that he left behind was prodigious.

cy twombly: fifty years of works on paper // despite the ongoing vogue in rehabilitating “avant-garde” and “experimental” artists within the institutions of art historical orthodoxy, one artist whose work has so far escaped systematic anthologisation is the post-war american painter cy twombly.

john kinsella’s poetics of distraction // around 1958, the american artist robert rauschenberg undertook—over a two-and-a-half year period—a canto-by-canto “illustration” of dante’s inferno.

still life with hypodermic: michael dransfield & the poetry of addiction // on good friday, 1973, at the age of twenty-four, michael dransfield, then the emerging young star of australian poetry, died after injecting himself with heroin.

new media poetics (review) // in the early days of hypermedia, literary theorists never tired of informing us of the liberating, subversive and downright revolutionary characteristics of the so-called new media.

romantic ecologies: john kinsella and the art of traumatic realism // in the title chapter of his recent book, the return of the real: the avant-garde at the end of the century, art critic hal foster introduces the term traumatic realism …

transversions of the contemporary (introduction to litteraria pragensia 11.22 [2002], ‘contemporary poetics’) // from mallarmé, and continuing to the present time, the poetics of the “contemporary” has been entangled in controversy by those who stake claims to its foundational moments …


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